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Personalized Black Oil Lighter, Groomsmen Gift

Personalized Black Oil Lighter, Groomsmen Gift

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Personalized Black Oil Lighter, Groomsmen Gift, Groomsman Gift, Groomsmen Proposal, Groom Gift, Engraved Groomsmen Gift Personalized Lighter

***Quick tip on how to fuel the lighter with fluid***

1. Open the lid of the lighter and remove the inside unit by pulling out of the black engraved casing. (The casing should come off fairly easily, you may have to pull a bit harder the first time to get it out).
2. At the bottom of the unit, you should see a felt pad with the words ‘Lift to fuel’. Lift the felt pad to reveal the packing material in the fuel chamber.
3. Slowly saturate the packing material with lighter fluid and stop filling when the fluid reaches the top of the packing, or begins to change color.

Do not pull the material out of the lighter
Please do not overfill the lighter, if overfilled, the lighter may leak fuel.

This matte black oil lighter is great for lighting cigars, cigarets and etc. Lasts forever with the personalized laser engraving touch. Supplied empty of fuel for postage reasons.


◈ Dimensions: 5.7cm high, 3.7cm wide, 1.2 cm deep
◈ Weight: 52 g
◈ High quality and weighty
◈ Material: Stainless steel with black coating
◈ Type: Flip flop

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